It was summer, and I was working for the Bureau of Land Management, camp hosting just outside of Eugene, Oregon. It was small campground, with only one host, and like so many similar positions, right across America, the job required someone to live permanently on site in their own RV.

I had a Class C motorhome at the time, an old Chevy, battered and lived in, but it was home. The job was seasonal and the campground was primitive, meaning no hookups, just some well water available from an old hand pump. The sites were only a few dollars per day and it was cheap living for the campers.

Spending a few quiet months off the road provided me with the opportunity to catch up on maintenance, and knock out some projects that had been on the back burner for a while. A lot of RV’s came through that summer, mostly full-timers, and if I was outside working on the motorhome, they would often stop and ask questions about a problem that they were having with their own rig.

After I left Oregon and started to travel more, I began to take notice of the older RV’s. I was already aware of the numbers; estimates in America are that over a million people live in an RV as their only home. What I wasn’t aware of, even though I was doing it myself, was just how many people are full-timing on a tight budget. When I looked around at the available books and the various RV web sites, it became obvious that they were all pitching to the same market and that was the retiree with disposable income.

The other thing I noticed was that none of them would give any type of mention to the older motorhomes, concentrating instead on the newer ones. I realized that there needed to be a place on the internet for full-timers with older vehicles and not a lot of money to repair them. That’s how the website, Old Time Tool Man, was born.

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