Pets and Kids

I think it was the vaudeville and movie star, W.C. Fields, who once said that an actor should never work with children or animals. In the RV world, there are people who would argue that the same principle should apply to travelling. With that said, many families successfully live in RV’s and a lot of them will tell you that their kids are getting a far better education than sitting around in a classroom, competing for the attention of a teacher.

For parents that have children living with them in an RV, home schooling is usually the only practical option. It’s not what it used to be, with books all over the place and a frazzled parent trying to figure it all out on their own. These days there are many states that offer at least some type of virtual school accessible over the internet. Even if they don’t, there many resources online for a parent educating their child at home.

It doesn’t have to be daunting because there is help available, nor does it have to be expensive because most of the resources are free. And more importantly, it doesn’t have to consume a lot of time because think about how much time is wasted in schools right across the country, doing busy work, trying so hard to fill out that school day until the bell rings. At home it’s get down, finish the lesson then hurry off outside to play and to explore the world around them.

There are so many great opportunities for children and families to become closer to each other on the road. It’s a smaller living space so people are forced to actually spend time talking to each other instead of just disappearing into another room and shutting the door behind them.

Pets on the road are also easy. Travelling with a dog or a cat in an RV is nothing like taking them for a drive in a car around town. The major difference is that the RV is their home and everything is familiar. Whenever they want to, they can curl up on their very own bed, play with their toys, and generally just get on with their little lives as they see fit.

The big thing for pets is comfort, especially in summer. We picked up a cooling mat from Amazon for our Border Collie and she loves it. I was cynical at first because so much just turns out to be hype these days, but they really do work so well. One of the better things we've bought.

A cat is easy because the litter box is a quick clean and toss just as it would be at home. A dog however, is not always willing to go when you want them to and some of them have issues when they are in busy, unfamiliar places like highway rest stops. If you can, especially when they’re younger, train your dog to go on command. Every time you take them out try to say the same word or phrase so that they associate that with going. It will be something that you’ll be so glad that you did when you pull over for a quick pit stop in the wind and the rain and you head back to the comfort of your vehicle, you look over and see the other dog owners pleading with their pet to go.

Travelling with pets and kids is rarely a problem but sometimes it takes a little groundwork to make things pleasurable for everybody.