Leatherman Super Tool 300 Review

In a previous article I mentioned that my Every Day Carry is a Leatherman Super Tool 300. As a follow up to that piece, here is a quick review of what I feel is one of the best multi-tools on the market. 

I'd been looking for a new Leatherman for a while and finally settled on the Super Tool 300. After hours of research poring through reviews and forums I bought one on Amazon and hoped for the best.

I took it out of the box and started to play. The premium sheath was made of a nylon material that seemed as though it would hold up to daily use pretty well. What really impressed was the extra pockets for accessories and anything else that you might decide to add to the mini tool box on your hip. It would be perfect for a AAA flashlight and perhaps a small crescent wrench. The sheath has a nifty feature and that is a small hole in the bottom of the pouch. It is designed so that if you’re using the pliers, they can stay open and still be holstered to keep your hands free. This is one of those little things that seem redundant until first used and then becomes indispensable.

The tool itself is heavy and solid with a good feel in the hand. One of the big selling points for me over the cheaper options was the locking mechanism. There’s nothing more frustrating (or scary) than working with a folding tool and the darn thing decides to fold back toward your fingers. The locking device works well and feels secure when it clicks the individual tools into place. Two blades, one regular and the other serrated pair up to cut through just about anything. A wood saw, metal file, can opener and an assortment of screwdrivers are just some of the other tools available as you can see from the picture above. At the heart of the tool is a full sized pair of pliers that grip like glue. The wire cutters are replaceable and have cut through everything I’ve thrown at them so far. There’s no scissors or Swiss Army style corkscrew but I don’t need any of that. What I need is a real tool that I can carry every day and rely on to get the job at hand done when I don’t have access to my tool box.

As you can see, I love this multi tool. One of the reasons why I dithered so much about buying it was that I didn’t think that I would use it enough to justify the price difference over something from a lesser company. I should never have worried because not a day goes by when something doesn’t need tightening, opening or gripping. With a 25 year hassle free warranty, the Leatherman was a superb choice for my needs.