Is the Craftsman Lifetime Warranty Going Away?

There's a terrible rumor that seems to do the rounds from time to time and it involves the legendary Craftsman lifetime warranty. It's finished the pessimists say, gone the way of the dinosaur—extinct. Is that true or is it false?

Let's just hang on to our big red tool boxes for a moment and take a collective deep breath as we consider the reality. What else do they have in the face of cheap Chinese imports and the diminishing quality of mass produced hand tools in general? If the warranty disappears then there's an excellent chance that the Craftsman line of hand tool products would follow because there are just too many other options for the home handyman to spend money on. There are stores full of customers quite happy to buy a cheaper product, throw it the car tool box and hope that it lasts a few years. The reality is that all but the cheapest dollar store tools will usually stand up to a limited time of casual use and experience has taught many people that that is true.

I buy Craftsman for the warranty because I've done a lot of traveling and I've always found it to be hassle free in many different Sears’s stores across America as well as Ace Hardware. It's what works for me and I know it works for many others. Unlike just about every other store, the warranty works even if you don't buy it from a Sears store. There are some really good deals to be found online and the warranty seals the deal.

Craftsman has a loyal following with many people because of and only because of that warranty. The company knows that and they also know that the price of that repeat business may be occasionally dealing with some cantankerous old grump bringing in his rusty old yard sale acquired tool. The warranty isn't going anywhere folks. As your mother probably told you: never listen to rumors!