Survival Transport

Prepping is very big at the moment along with survival kits and bug-out bags and all that good stuff. From time to time you'll see an article on here about that being prepared because RVers and tool guys tend be independent, self-sufficient types.

One of the most neglected areas of self-sufficiency is transportation. The car’s in the driveway but it doesn’t matter how new it is, how reliable it may be for zipping down to the grocery store, at some time it’s going to break down and Murphy’s Law says it will be at the worst possible moment. If there’s some type of emergency going on in your area, calling the mechanic won’t be an option so you’ll have to fend for yourself.

If you’re dug in for any period of time then you’ll need a little more than the basics. Educate yourself on how your car works by purchasing a repair manual and spending some time going through it. Buy some maintenance items to keep on hand especially parts that commonly fail like belts, brake pads and light bulbs.

One of the most important skills to learn is how to fix a tire. The ability to repair a puncture will not only save you money when times are good but may mean the difference between getting out of Dodge on four wheels instead of two legs. If there’s building damage and destruction, road hazards will be everywhere. Tire repair kits are sold at auto part stores and can usually be found even cheaper online.

With a kit, a small compressor and a bit of practice, you’ll find that it can be done without even having to jack the car. A puncture can be plugged in minutes and is often quicker than changing out a tire for the spare. If you’re evacuating and take a nail then pull over, patch that tire quickly and save the spare for when you really need it like sidewall damage that can’t be fixed.

For those times when things get really bad and gasoline is like teeth on hens, keep some bikes on hand for you and the family. Buy them cheap at a thrift store or yard sale and then clean them up at your leisure. A bike will get you somewhere a lot quicker than walking and really is great exercise. Take them out on the weekend for practice and you never know, it might just turn into a healthy habit for you and your family.

Transportation is vital and like everything else, is something that needs to be addressed before the fact. Take your time, think about your possible needs in advance and start preparing now. A few basic transportation necessities will make life so much easier if you find yourself in the situation of being stranded without a car. Keep it simple, keep it cheap and you'll be ready for whatever happens.